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“I have noticed improved focus, grounding and tracking during therapy sessions with many of our clients – children and adults. Many of them seem to be less scattered, and much more focused while in session because the environment supports them better now.”

~Judy Ishibashi, OTR/L/Abe-L-Bodies Corporation

Judy is a physical therapist who owns Abe-L-Bodies Corporation, which works with adults and children who have had severe injuries and/or debilitating diseases affecting motor skills. I invited her to join my Feng Shui research project in May 2010. During her participation in this program, her cash flow improved by 70%.  

Judy agreed to participate in the research project because the economic decline had impacted her business in many ways. Changes to insurance billing guidelines had severely slowed cash flow. Existing patients, feeling the financial crisis, had less discretionary income to allocate toward physical therapy sessions. And it was becoming harder and harder to keep competent staff.  As Judy explained on her Pre-Evaluation Survey, “This was a difficult year for our upbeat staff because we lost two therapists for reasons beyond our control. We continue to be a small facility unable to match the salaries offered by larger groups. We need cash flow improvement.”

After Feng Shui adjustments were implemented, the following improvements were documented in the first 3-months:

  • Abe-L-Bodies was able to make payroll without borrowing from Judy
  • After a year of unsuccessful collection attempts on past due accounts, money started flowing into Accounts Receivable with a 70% improvement rate
  • Communication between staff members and patient families improved by 60%, with a smoother flow of contact information and mutual support
  • Judy was able to take salary distribution for the first time in a year
  • Improvement in patient focus and mind-body coordination was noted during therapy sessions

“I have had comments from some of our clients walking into our office after the Feng Shui adjustments were made that the space ’feels’ better and that they have noticed an improvement in energy level and quality,” Judy said. “And we have had a noticeable improvement in payments being received from past due accounts that have come in since Feng Shui adjustments were made to our office.”

Posted By: Adele Trebil

“We’re feeling more and more capable and in control of our finances and our future!”

~Bryan & Jennifer Meehan/Hi-Tide Solutions

When I approached the Meehans about participation in my Feng Shui business study back in April 2011, they were running multiple businesses from home: 1) Amazon Herbs (Jennifer); 2) Life Coach and Reno Area Marketing Coordinator for Seminars that Inspire (Jennifer); and 3) Hi-Tide Solutions audio visual company (Bryan). They joined the study to improve results in their multiple business ventures, as well as in their personal lives. Their initial survey (filled out before implementing any Feng Shui recommendations) indicated that many aspects of their finances had gone into decline over the past year. They had started new businesses during this time and although they were happier with the new career directions, their cash flow was low and stress was high. Both partners felt uncomfortable with many aspects of their living and working spaces, which contributed to their stress levels.

After implementing Feng Shui adjustments in both their work and personal spaces, Bryan and Jennifer documented the following business results:

  • 300% increase in business revenues for Hi-Tide Solutions audio visual business
  • 50% improvement in career recognition and satisfaction for Jennifer
  • Bryan had a constant flow of clients contacting him, instead of long stretches with little to no new business

In addition to improving their businesses, they also reported improvements in their personal lives:

  • Achievement of their top three personal goals:
    • Creating a home base that felt more like a sanctuary
    • Opening an investment account and starting to fund it
    • Paying for a major family vacation in 6-months
  • 30% improvement in family life due to improved communication and closer emotional ties between family members
  • After moving their bed to a different wall and switching sleeping sides, Bryan and Jennifer started sleeping better and their sex life improved
  • Their daughter Abbi, who used to be their “clutter girl”, was not only sleeping better but she was maintaining her room without all the clutter
  • Briana, their eight-year-old, was comfortable going downstairs to play by herself for the first time in 7 years (she had NEVER done this before in their current house)
  • Bryan’s stamina improved and he commented that he was back to the sleep and work levels that he had 10 years ago
  • The children started responding more positively to chores, parental discipline and house rules

Bryan and Jennifer commented that they felt more empowered, less stressed and experienced an expanded sense of satisfaction and happiness after implementing Feng Shui changes in their home and office.

This case study proves that having a single, long-term business focus is not a requirement for Feng Shui adjustments to work. It also demonstrates that when Feng Shui protocols are implemented to improve business success, they often have a rejuvenating effect on the more personal aspects of one’s life as well.

Posted By: Adele Trebil

“I learned the energy in a well managed space creates a comfortable environment that helps people relax and feel empowered to purchase my services with no sales pressure from me. Working with Adele helped me adjust my workspace to create a deeper connection with my clients.”

~Paula Leyba/Photographer

Paula is a professional photographer who has been in business for 14 years, working in the same studio in Reno, NV, for the past nine years. She began working with me in March of 2011 because she felt her business “needed something to get the energy moving in a new direction.” As Paula explained, “In 2010, I experienced a lot of stagnation in business and cash flow.” After implementing Feng Shui recommendations, she documented a 50% improvement in business revenue. “I have received 100% Return on Investment (R.O.I.) after participating in this program,” she explained. “All areas tracked by Adele’s research have improved for me. When clients walk into my studio now, they comment on how comfortable and warm the place is. Even the UPS guy has commented favorably on the Feng Shui changes I have made to my space.”

After her 6-month participation period, Paula reported the following improvements:

  • 50% improvement in finances & cash flow
  • 75% improvement in vitality & energy level
  • 75% improvement in relationships
  • 50% improvement in career expansion
  • 80% improvement in well-being

“The most noticeable improvements have been an increase in sales and new business, as well as an increase in good business relationships,” she said. “My business is about relationships with people. I enjoy people and sharing those special moments in their lives. I love that I can help them capture these moments with my work, so they can cherish the memories for years to come.”

Posted By: Adele Trebil

I’ve been following the U.S. real estate decline very closely for several years. My own brother lost his primary residence and a rental property during the downturn in the last couple of years, which caused emotional turmoil, lifestyle downsizing and loss of a retirement nest egg for him and his family. Though I realize my brother’s problems are shared by many Americans, his losses put a personal face on this national crisis for me. This motivated me to do something unique and proactive in response to: a lost generation of real estate and the plight of small businesses in America today.

I wrote a concept for a research project to study the effects of environment on small business success. In 2010 I received an award. It allowed me to begin my field work.

My vision started out as research to study the effects of environment on business success during an economic downturn. It has evolved into a full blown program including: residential and commercial consulting; audio CDs; webinars and live seminars. These products are designed to assist anyone interested in improving their success potential through making Feng Shui changes to a living or working environment.

I never expected what happened in the first few months of my research. Early results coming out of the study were more than encouraging, they were inspiring! These results prompted me to create this blog in order to share the personal stories and triumphs of many small businesses struggling through the economic downturn. Their results spoke to American ingenuity, self-sufficiency, persistence in the face of adversity, willingness to try unconventional methods (Feng Shui) and reigniting the American dream.

  • Client Reviews


    I took instruction with Adele for the better part of 2 years, completing the Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced Practitioner Trainings. Adele was able to teach this intricate practice to me so that now I feel confident practicing on my own. The detailed information I learned from this course is a must for managing your home and your business environment. I have been able to create a calm and balanced environment in my home. I have used this knowledge to make corrections in my work environment that I believe have mitigated negative influences, bolstering my health and attitude in the workplace. Adele has been a great mentor and teacher. Thank you Adele!

    Jeanne Tarantino/VP, Prof. Community Assoc. Manager, Associated Management, Inc./Feng Shui Consultant

    It’s been a Life Changing process! I’m so happy. How can I thank you for all that you have done for Robin and I in helping us accomplish our biggest career dream- -opening our first salon and spa and watching it grow overnight! We have experienced a 1000x increase in cash flow, new business and rapid career expansion as a result of participation in your Feng Shui coaching program.

    Stephanie Bosco, Co-owner, Studio Phi Salon/Spa

    After joining Adele’s Feng Shui business coaching program, we have noticed that our patient numbers have improved as well as our cash flow. The office has a better flow and runs more smoothly now.

    Dr. Tara L. Finley, OMD, ND-The Finley Center

    I would like to express my appreciation for your assistance in selling my property at 2465 Kinney Lane, Reno. As you may recall, the house was on the market for 13 months. I hired several different realtors to assist me in selling this property, all with their own ideas and suggestions. It was not until I hired you and you helped me implement several levels of Feng Shui adjustments that the house actually sold. The original assessment of the property was $1,800,000 and in a down turning market it sold for $1,500,000. As an architect and property developer, I have seen the advantage that Feng Shui assessment has in evaluating my real estate purchase and development decisions. It has been very helpful in determining what needs to be done to improve overall value. I would recommend your services to anyone needing to buy, sell or develop real estate.

    William A. Curtis, AIA, Developer

    Adele did a Feng Shui reading and adjustments at my office/home as part of a grant study in November 2010. The changes that were made did definitely help my business. Following that, my partner Kate and I took her Feng Shui Professional Practitioner Training classes and graduated with completion certificates. Adele is an expert and I have learned much from her. I highly recommend her.

    Jeffrey Leep/President, Leep Entertainment

    Adele is an expert in her field. We have had her recommend the best lot on the block, the best way to position our home on the lot, and choose specific locations for our businesses. As a result our lives have been so blessed. Our relationship is strong and our health is fantastic. Our businesses have thrived financially as a result of continued Feng Shui practices. We are grateful to Adele and look forward to working with her in all our future endeavors.

    Gino P. Scala, Director/Julianna Scala, President-Great Full Gardens, Inc.