Feng Shui Cures & Activators

Metal Cures

Metal cures is a broad label, inclusive of many types of Feng Shui cures used to strengthen the metal element in a floor plan. Some of the more common metal cures are:

  • Salt Water Cures (SWC)
  • Brass Wu Lous (WL)
  • Chime Clocks (CC)
  • Zen Clocks (ZC)
  • Tibetan Singing Bowls (TSB)
  • Metal Wind Chimes (MWC)
  • Round/Oval Metal Interior Design Accents (MDA)
  • Heavy Metal Furniture (HMF)

Salt Water Cures

Add ¼ -½ cup of large granular salt, such as sea salt or rock salt, to a non-corrosive container, i.e. plastic, glass or ceramic. Containers with a wide mouth (approx. 5-6“) and a tall vertical format are best. Avoid bowl shapes as they become messy with salt expansion and are more difficult to keep clean. Fill container with water to approximately ½” – 1” above the salt line. DO NOT ADD SO MUCH WATER THAT YOU DISSOLVE ALL THE SALT CRYSTALS. After coins turn color completely, throw them away and add new ones. Change salt and water every couple months to keep it clean.

Add 6 pennies with real copper (U.S. pennies minted prior to 1982) and 1 dime with real silver content (U.S. dimes minted before 1964). As an alternative to real coins, you may purchase copper pipe from a builder’s supply, such as Lowes or Home Depot (get copper without lead content). Have them cut the pipe into thin diameter sections with a lathe saw (approximately ¼” w.). Use 6 pieces of copper pipe instead of 6 pennies. Instead of dimes, you may purchase silver clasps from a jewelry repair or supply. The correct proportion is 6:1 (copper to silver). Place Salt Water Cure in specified area open to the air (uncovered). Keep water level constant.

Salt Water Cures (SWCs) create a kind of “chemistry” that cleans and refreshes energy in the interior environment. SWCs are used to neutralize certain kinds of unhealthy energy that stores inside buildings. FOR MAXIMUM EFFECTIVENESS, SWCs SHOULD BE LOCATED IN THE FLOOR PLAN AT THE LEVEL WHERE MOST ACTIVITY TAKES PLACE, I.E. AVOID HIGH BOOKCASES OR ON THE FLOOR. Since these collect and store ‘”negative energy”, best to place them a little further away from bed locations, etc. Wear gloves when handling and cleaning used SWCs.

Wu Lous (calabash) are used to neutralize sickness energy. They look like small, pear-shaped vases. Purchase styles that are made of brass and have an “open” top. They may be moved around from year to year based on which sections of a building are most vulnerable to the kinds of energy patterns that produce illness. Some buildings benefit by a permanent placement of Wu Lous in one area (this is determined at the time of your Basic Feng Shui consulting). If you are currently ill, you may locate one Wu Lou on each nightstand on either side of your bed to absorb and neutralize sickness energy.

Ki Luns are small, heavy metal protective figurines. They have dragon heads and animal bodies. They are used to protect building interiors from certain types of energy coming from specific compass directions. The correct placement of Ki Luns will change from year to year (consult your Feng Shui yearly update CD for Ki Lun placement). Locate 3 individual Ki Luns on each window ledge, and adjacent to each exterior door, that faces the annual 3 Sha direction. They should be located on window ledges, (looking out of the building) and around doors (looking toward the outside). Purchase metal styles of Ki Luns. Avoid styles that are made of resin, plastic or other materials and painted to look like real metal. This product is also known as “Chi Lins” on some websites. See Feng Shui resource list for purchase information.

Water Cures

Water cures is a broad label, inclusive of many types of Feng Shui cures used to strengthen the water element. Feng Shui makes a distinction between yin water and yang water. Yin water is still/non-moving water. Yang water is active/moving water. Yin water is used to soften certain types of harsh energy and to balance the 5 elements inside a floor plan. Yang water is used to activate the potential for money, success and opportunity. Some of the more common water cures are:

  • Yin Water (YW)
  • Water/Wood (WW)
  • Interior Water Fountains (IWF)*
    Feng Shui-approved specifications: 1) 2-3 quarts water; 2) horizontal spout; 3) cascading/stair-step design; 4) metal parts. Placement of water fountains should be done by an experienced practitioner.
  • Exterior Water Features (EWF) 
    The design and layout of a pond, waterfall, jacuzzi or pool should be done by an experienced Feng Shui practitioner.

Add regular tap water to a round or oval metal container and place in specified area(s). Yin water must be changed once or twice a week to keep it fresh. Yin Water is used to reduce conflict energy and to soften certain kinds of stressful energy patterns. Best located on a table or piece of furniture that is not too high, or too low.

Water/Wood cures are used to soften certain types of harsh energy. They are also used to balance the 5 Elements throughout the interior of a building. They can also be used as a yearly Feng Shui correction. To make a W/W cure:

  • Add 3 or 4 individual stems of living green Chinese bamboo to a tall clear glass container. Use only the mature bamboo that is ½”-1” diameter. It is sold in 1’, 2’ and 3’ lengths. DON’T USE THE SMALLER BAMBOO THAT IS PLANTED IN DIRT.
  • Do not put dirt, rocks or any other items in the container except water and bamboo.
  • Use the proportion 50% water to 50% bamboo by volume. Adjust the size of the container for the length of the bamboo stalk so that it holds 50% water in relation to the bamboo.
  • W/W cures are best located in an area that receives a lot of light, but not too much direct sun.

FS activators are used to enhance or fully activate positive Feng Shui sectors of a floor plan in order to manifest financial opportunities and success. Common Feng Shui activators are:

  • Pendulum Clocks (PC)
    Exposed pendulums only.
  • Kinetic Sculptures (KS)
  • Air Fans (AF)
  • Interior Water Fountains (IWF)*
  • Keeping the area very busy and active
  • Frequent use of exterior doors
  • Loud music

Advanced Feng Shui Cures

(The following cures are reserved for existing Feng Shui consulting clients)

  1. 3- KI LUNS (CHI LINS)
    Ki Luns, also known as Chi Lins, are small protective figurines with a dragon head and an animal body. They are used to neutralize a negative yearly influence known as 3 Shas/3 Killings. Locate 3 Ki Luns on each window ledge that faces and adjacent to each door that faces the annual 3 Sha direction. Ki Luns should be oriented so they are looking in the direction of the incoming 3 Sha energy. If your window ledges are narrow, place these items on a small table or stand directly in front of the window(s) or immediately to one side. If you have exterior doors that face a 3 Sha direction, you will also need to add 3 Ki Luns near to the door on the side that opens.
    Emperor coins are specific Chinese coins that are used to neutralize the annual 3 Sha energy. Place the coins in an unbroken circle with all coins touching another coin on either side. Locate the coins on a window ledge or on a table directly in front of or adjacent to any windows that face the compass direction of the yearly 3 Shas. If you also have doors that face a 3 Sha direction, add another set of Emperor Coins to counteract negative energy coming through your entrance(s). Turn the coins so the most elaborately embossed side is facing up or toward you.
    Locate a live green plant with about 1-2 feet of foliage near your other two 3 Sha corrections. Add an open water container next to the plant. Keep water level constant in the container. If plant dies, replace with new one.
    This formula is designed to attract new financial opportunities. It is more effective if used in conjunction with the “Inside Castle Gate” formula. This adjustment involves placing a pendulum clock, with an exposed pendulum, in a specific 7.5 degree sector of the floor plan. This area will be highlighted in yellow on your floor plan diagram at the time of your Basic Feng Shui consulting. It can be further enhanced with the addition of an air fan in the same 7.5 degree area, but this is optional. Avoid clock styles where the swinging pendulum is behind an enclosure, such as a glass door.
    This formula is designed to attract new financial opportunities. It is more effective if used in conjunction with the “Castle Gate” formula. This is also known as the 90/30 day water formula. It involves placing a clear glass container, with regular tap water, in a 7.5 degree sector of the floor plan. This area will be designated on your floor plan diagram at the time of your Basic Feng Shui consulting. You must change the water daily for 90 continuous days; then remove it for 30 continuous days. After one full cycle, you may repeat the 90/30 day regimen over and over as long as needed.(If you go away for a 2 or 3 day period, just change the water the day you leave and the day you return without interrupting the 90 day cycle you have already begun. However, if you are away for more than 3 days at one time, you will need to remove the water before you leave and then start a brand new 90 day cycle the day you return).

Places to Purchase Feng Shui Cures

  1. www.fengshuibestbuy.com
  2. www.dragon-gate.com
  3. Great Works of China (775) 827-8886; 4001 S. Virginia St. Reno, NV 89502
  4. Oriental Factory Direct, (602)286-9405; 668 N. 44th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85008
  5. www.emperorclock.com
  6. www.now-zen.com
    Note: Now & Zen also has Tibetan Singing Bowls with programmable striking
    mechanisms that may be substituted for chime clocks.
  7. www.clockstyle.com
  8. www.windlesswindchimes.com
  9. www.buyluckybamboo.com