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I’ve been following the U.S. real estate decline very closely for several years. My own brother lost his primary residence and a rental property during the downturn in the last couple of years, which caused emotional turmoil, lifestyle downsizing and loss of a retirement nest egg for him and his family. Though I realize my brother’s problems are shared by many Americans, his losses put a personal face on this national crisis for me. This motivated me to do something unique and proactive in response to: a lost generation of real estate and the plight of small businesses in America today.

I wrote a concept for a research project to study the effects of environment on small business success. In 2010 I received an award. It allowed me to begin my field work.

My vision started out as research to study the effects of environment on business success during an economic downturn. It has evolved into a full blown program including: residential and commercial consulting; audio CDs; webinars and live seminars. These products are designed to assist anyone interested in improving their success potential through making Feng Shui changes to a living or working environment.

I never expected what happened in the first few months of my research. Early results coming out of the study were more than encouraging, they were inspiring! These results prompted me to create this blog in order to share the personal stories and triumphs of many small businesses struggling through the economic downturn. Their results spoke to American ingenuity, self-sufficiency, persistence in the face of adversity, willingness to try unconventional methods (Feng Shui) and reigniting the American dream.

In this blog I share many of the challenges, struggles and ultimate success of my clients. I hope this will inspire others. I would also like to open discussion about what other people are doing to reclaim a lost generation of real estate in America, and to empower small business during this transitional period.


You might say I have more than an idle interest in current real estate trends. No, I’m not a real estate agent, nor am I involved with construction or development. My background, education and career for the past 20 years has been focused on improving the quality of environments for the people who live and work in them.
I started my career as an Operations Manager for Hewlett-Packard, later I opened an Interior Design business and I’m currently self-employed as a full-time Feng Shui consultant. I have learned first-hand that environment DOES affect behavior and even the bottom line in a business. As evolutionary biologist Edward O. Wilson, Ph.D. learned from his own research (“Biophilia”, published 1986) making even subtle changes to an environment can result in enhanced problem solving, improved teamwork and even expanded productivity.

This is where my vision for my own research first began. What has focused my unique approach is 20 years of using the Asian real estate success strategies derived from Feng Shui principles. Although these principles have catapulted China onto the global stage with massive economic expansion, they are practically non-existent in American culture. I included Feng Shui protocols in my research because I have been working with them for over 20 years and I know that they improve success potential. In Asia Feng Shui has a historically proven track record as a “success strategy” for improving the potential of real estate projects and the success of their occupants. These issues are part of the interface between people and their environments I am studying in my own research.


At the time that I ran my study, I was living in Nevada (highest unemployment, foreclosure and bankruptcy ranking in the U.S.). So it seemed appropriate to make my own backyard the geographical target for my research. The umbrella statement for my research was: “to study the effects of environment on small business success in Northern Nevada using Feng Shui protocols.”

The target group for my initial study was small to medium-sized businesses that operated from home-based locations or from commercial settings. The format for the fieldwork involved providing an advanced Feng Shui audit on the workplace, including simple recommendations based on Feng Shui protocols. My format did not involve construction, remodeling or traditional interior design changes. Participants filled out one written survey at the beginning of the study, and one additional survey each month for five consecutive months for the purpose of tracking results. I spent approximately a half day on site evaluating the client’s workplace and making Feng Shui recommendations at the beginning of the process. Business owners were given a list of Feng Shui recommendations to implement over the course of their 6 month participation. I maintained monthly contact with each one through telephone coaching calls.

Documented results from participants for a 3-6 month period include:

      1. Cash flow increases ranging from 20% up to 1000%
      2. Renewed hope and personal empowerment
      3. Rapid achievement of long-held career dreams
      4. Dramatic expansion of client base
      5. More consistent referrals for new business
      6. Ongoing new financial opportunities
      7. Quick sale of real estate that had been on the market for several years with no offers (at full price or near full price)
      8. Enhanced teamwork and productivity
      9. Stress reduction
      10. Significant renewal of Zest-for-Life

The research study, as funded by the award, ended after 24 months. I have taken the protocols developed during this study and created an ongoing consulting system known as “The BreakThrough Environment™”. The list of results keeps growing as new clients sign up for my program, now part of my regular consulting practice.

I have showcased many of the personal stories that were part of the original research in this blog. I want readers to understand what kinds of challenges business people had when they first started my program and where they were at when they ended it. I want you to see how the implementation of Feng Shui protocols in the workplace (at home and in commercial settings) affected both personal and professional success. Many participants that applied Feng Shui solutions to a “business” challenge and got results, often experienced improvement in one or more “personal” areas of their lives as well.

I’m excited to introduce you to my work and the power of Feng Shui as a truly unique success strategy for the times we live in. After reviewing the stories showcased in this blog, please let me know your reaction. It is my hope that what I’m doing will stimulate ideas, positive connections between people, sharing of resources, ingenuity and innovation. I welcome feedback about what others are doing to improve support for small business and to empower people in their ownership and use of real estate in today’s market.

To Your BreakThrough Success,

Adele Trebil, FSI
The BreakThrough Environment™
(May 5, 2013)

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  • Client Reviews


    Adele worked magic at The Blossom Institute. I highly recommend using
    Adele’s expert use of Feng Shui to create the positive qi that will improve your business.

    Cheryl Blossom, MA, Ed.T-Relationship Wisdom

    Over the past few years we have come to rely on the tranquility and abundance that you have brought to our environment with your Feng Shui counseling. We were confident, therefore, that the proper Feng Shui adjustments would be of benefit in the selling of our home. The results of your recommendations have surpassed our expectations. Only well qualified and serious buyers came to look at our home, and we had an offer of 97% of our asking price in less than a month. This is remarkable in the currently slow moving real estate market.

    Larry and Carol Pitner

    I have been a client of Adele Trebil since the inception of my building project on the shores of Lake Tahoe. Together we have worked with my architect, my builder and my landscaper. Adele has assisted me with concept, function, design and finish details. I have found both her knowledge and her practical application suggestions to be invaluable. It became my desire to position the house on the lot, and set up the floor plan according to Feng Shui principles. Maintaining the integrity of the lake, the land and the home were of utmost importance. The results of our labors to do so are apparent. Every person who enters the house remarks about the stability and tranquility that they experience inside. The floor plan is fabulous.

    Judith Buckingham/Owner, Incline Village, NV Residence

    After joining Adele’s Feng Shui business coaching program, we have noticed that our patient numbers have improved as well as our cash flow. The office has a better flow and runs more smoothly now.

    Dr. Tara L. Finley, OMD, ND-The Finley Center

    My average monthly business revenue has increased by 195x on Adele’s system. Client relationships and referrals have shown significant growth. As I have stayed engaged in Adele’s Feng Shui consulting program striving for new levels of success, I have also become an International Best Selling author for my first book “Next Level Living-Today’s Guide for Tomorrow’s Abundant Life.

    Linda McClean, CEO & Founder, McLean International, LLC

    When we first entered Adele’s Feng Shui project, we were in a severe business decline and in the process of loosing our business, homes and retirement accounts. After completing her program: 1) our business had a positive turn around with cash flow up 65%; 2) we have been able to keep our primary residence; 3) new work and career satisfaction has improved by 85%; 4) our stress levels are down 85%; and 5) a second home of ours that was for sale for a year with no offers, sold quickly. This allowed us to pay off the mortgage and walk away with much needed cash for our business and our personal lives.

    Paul and Jennifer Kaplan, Owners, KAP-Construction Inc.